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Classroom Updates


No, I promise I haven’t broken up with you. I just finished the two Master’s classes I’ve been taking, with the last major assignments due this past week. Priorities, man. Priorities. So, Miss Rivas, what has the wonderful world of Extended Core been up to lately? Let’s start with our class blog, Operation X. The […]

Operation: Resource Flip


*insert Mission Impossible theme song here* So my class has been practicing getting used to the flipped classroom components by watching the videos in class and filling out their SSS Packets.  We are about halfway through our Parts of Speech unit and so far it’s been going really well.  I just purchased a small lot […]

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Holy plethora of info to update you on…(flipped classrooms, class blogs, E-pals, and gamification)


This title actually reminds me of a clip from one of my fave movies, “The Three Amigos.”  If you like the movie as much as I do, click here.  If not….well, then…don’t. So, where to begin?  Yesterday I spent most of my day at the 2012 EdCampGR conference.  Two words: Dee. Lish.  I came out […]

iPads as an Accommodation, E-Pals, and the Common Cold


*sniffle, sniffle* Don’t mind me…I’m just starting to get that dreaded cold that’s going around school.  Swell. Anyhoo, just wanted to update you all on how it went with having the students use the iPads to listen to their tests being read aloud using the website Chirbit.  Again, as a quick recap, I recorded myself […]

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