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iPads as an Accommodation, E-Pals, and the Common Cold


*sniffle, sniffle* Don’t mind me…I’m just starting to get that dreaded cold that’s going around school.  Swell. Anyhoo, just wanted to update you all on how it went with having the students use the iPads to listen to their tests being read aloud using the website Chirbit.  Again, as a quick recap, I recorded myself […]

Trying….but is it working?


Ok.  Future Hubby will tell you that I am a dedicated Special Ed teacher.  I was up until 2 am last night creating a Science test review for not just my students with IEPs, but for any 8th grader who was interested in reviewing for their test tomorrow.  I used QuizRevolution to create the review.  I […]

Social Studies, Teched Out…


I’m not gonna lie–Social Studies was my least favorite subject when I was in middle school. The teachers lectured and lectured, and every so often I’d get called on without having the slightest clue what the heck he was talking about.  My recollection of class would most accurately described as this. Fast forward a few […]

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Who woulda thunk Math could be fun? :)


This is exactly how I felt today.  Let me tell you why. So first of all, I was told yesterday afternoon that our new principal should be dropping into my classroom* to observe the iPad pilot we’re doing.  Of course, knowing this, I try to plan something that the kids will use their iPads for. […]

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