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Spring Breakout (Digital BreakoutEDU): The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


WOW.  What a day.  I am proud to announce that I’ve executed my very first digital Breakout ever! And what an adventure it was. But let’s start from the beginning, shall we? If you’re not familiar with BreakoutEDUs, get familiar with them.  They are ah-mazing.  I was able to do a real one with the […]

MACUL 2018


It’s been a jam-packed 2 days, let me tell you. If you’ve never attended a MACUL conference, my apologies.  You don’t know what you’re missing.  I think they know that March is about the time when teachers start feeling the burn-0ut.  They know.  We’ve got standardized testing coming up (right after Spring Break, mind you!) […]

Our Gratitude Board!


Ok, so one of the unique things we do at my high school is have what we call a Moral Focus every month.  Each month has a different Moral focus which allows teachers and students to discuss and partake in activities that will help them become better people.  November’s Moral Focus is Gratitude, and I […]

Welcome to Room 111


Oh, well, he-LLO again! So nice of you to stop by again! Come on over and sit–let’s chat. Just to fill you in on what we’ve been doing in our high school Resource class, I’d like to squeeze 2 months-worth of activities in one post.  So, just a reminder, I am currently in a 1:1, […]

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Prelude to Chapter 2…


Hello, again, friends.  It’s been a while, hasn’t it? About 3 years, actually. Don’t hate me.  During that time, I had embarked on a new journey as a teacher at a virtual school.  Meaning, both students and teachers learned/taught virtually (from home).  While it was a new and exciting experience that gave me invaluable knowledge […]

Book Trailers Completed! \(0.0)/


Oh, happy day! I totally felt like this on Friday when we presented our book trailers! It’s been a long journey, through reading our novels, planning our trailers, then creating them on the iPads, but they did it.  I was so proud of them! This was a first-time journey for both them and me, but […]

Innovation Day 2013: Mission Accomplished!


So I’ve had several people ask me how Innovation Day went in my classroom.  To put it simply, it was awesome! Let me give you a run-down of our agenda for that day.  From talking to the students the day before, they knew they were to come to my room first thing after dropping off […]

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You win some, you lose some…


Being a Resource teacher (we call the class Extended Core in my building), my job is not only to help my students with their IEP goals and objectives, but to help keep them caught up in their core classes.  Today, we worked on Social Studies review. Let’s rewind 10 hours, shall we?  The Hubs (who […]

Back to Reality…


Tell me this wasn’t all of you guys the first morning back to school after Spring Break.  Uh huh….thought so. While I was not the most excited to get up and tackle the school day today, I was excited about being able to introduce Innovation Day 2013 to my students.  I was given the ok […]

“Oh, hey there, stranger…”


…is what you’re probably saying to me right now.  Sooooo yeahhhh, see, what had happened was…. Ok, enough beating around the bush.  I’m a bad blogger.  Bad, bad blogger.  I know what you’re thinking:  “Where’ve you been, Miss Rivas? What happened to you?” Life happened, folks.  Life. Just a quick little view into the mayhem I […]

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