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Tell me this wasn’t all of you guys the first morning back to school after Spring Break.  Uh huh….thought so.

While I was not the most excited to get up and tackle the school day today, I was excited about being able to introduce Innovation Day 2013 to my students.  I was given the ok to bring my principal to bring them up during lunch, so I did in order to get them all in one spot and explain everything.  At first, students didn’t really understand what was going on. They heard “you won’t go to any of your classes that day” and “you’ll work on a project that interests you,” but, somehow, couldn’t put both of them together to make sense.  I had to explain it a few times until they finally got it.

Next, I gave them some handouts, explaining what it was so they would be able to show their parents and talk to them about what was happening.  On the back of one, I listed some ideas of what kinds of projects they could choose to work on.  I figured they would have trouble coming up with some ideas.  By the time lunch was over, some students had already picked out their project.  Others started talking about different ideas they had.

I do have one concern regarding the project.  Supplies.  The students are to bring in their own and the school would provide the rest, such as laptops to work on, chart paper, markers, etc.  However, one of my students asked me, “Miss, what if we don’t have any supplies? I don’t have anything.”  My heart dropped.  I knew this was going to come up with some of my students.  If I had the money, I would by all the supplies myself.  God knows I’ve spent my own money tons of times before.  But times are tough.  I have four children to feed and my district hasn’t given me the raise they promised me in years.  At this point, I will keep encouraging them to think about what project they’d like to do.  Then I can better gauge what items I’ll need.  I may have to ask for help in the form of donations eventually.  Regardless, I want to make it an amazing day for them.

Keep your fingers crossed, friends.



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